Disconnecting the brain from the outside world

Giacomo Bertuzzi is interested in the interaction of living organisms with the world. He has tried to find a way to follow continuously, for days, the dynamics of the Drosophila (fruit fly) brain while simultaneously recording the behaviour of the experimental fly. The fruit fly brain is tiny but well organized. It shares many common features with the brain of mammals, like us. Most questions related to the functioning of the fruit fly brain still have no answer. Giacomo’s goal has been to develop a tool to help to find some of those answers. He has recorded neuronal and behavioural activity for up to seven days in a fly living under experimental conditions. When the tool is shared, the scientific community will be able to address a variety of questions, and potentially explore the level of consciousness of a fruit fly.

In this short film, Giacomo describes two of the images he has captured through his research and what they tell us about how the fruit fly's brain and inner world connects and disconnects with the outside world.

Giacomo Bertuzzi is reading for a DPhil in Ion Channels & Disease (2017) Wellcome Trust Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour – Department of Physiology, Anatomy and Genetics.

Giacomo  Bertuzzi