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Professor Sue Jones

DANSOX lecture on John Cranko, twentieth-century choreographer

17:30 to 20:30

DANSOX lecture on John Cranko, twentieth-century choreographer, by Dr Julia Buhrle (University of Oxford)

The speaker was Dr Julia Burhle (University of Oxford). Julia gave a stimulating illustrated overview of John Cranko (1927-1973) - his life and work, focussing on his great innovations in narrative choreography and expression of interiority in ballet forms. Cranko was a South African born ballet dancer and choreographer with the Royal Ballet and the Stuttgart Ballet. His most famous "literary" ballets include Romeo and Juliet (1962), with music by Prokofiev; Onegin (1965), an adaptation of the verse novel by Alexander Pushkin, with music by Tchaikovsky; The Taming of the Shrew (1969). A lively and polemical discussion followed the lecture, covering the question about what constitutes "narrative" form in dance. Julia spoke to a full house and generously continued the discussion with the audience during the reception afterwards.