'Dancing with Apollo' residency at the JdP is reviewed for TORCH by Professor Susan Jones

21st July 2021
Dancing with Apollo residency at JdP Oxford is reviewed by Professor Sue Jones

Professor Susan Jones, Professor of English and Tutorial Fellow at St Hilda's, has reviewed the 'Dancing with  Apollo' residency at the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building for TORCH.

During this week-long residency, international choreographer, Kim Brandstrup, and two renowned dancers, Laurel Dalley Smith and Liam Riddick, developed the dance-piece Cupid and Psyche. Dancing with Apollo was performed at the Spitalfields festival following the residency. Read the review in the Guardian, in which it was described as 'beautiful and thought-provoking'.

The residency for this TORCH (Humanities and Cultural Programme) project was made possible through the contributions, led by Professor Fiona Macintosh, of Professor Sue Jones, the Events Team, the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building team, and the general ambience of St Hilda's.