Creating a Modern Pilgrimage in Cambridgeshire

Why did pilgrimages foster so much literary creation in the Middle Ages? Before embarking on her new research project on the subject of pilgrimage in medieval French texts, Dr Charlotte Cooper-Davis carried out some background research by creating a new one-day pilgrimage route near her home in rural Cambridgeshire in collaboration with the British Pilgrimage Trust. The route connects the ancient 'red well' in the hamlet of Knapwell, 10 miles to the west of Cambridge, with the university church of St Mary the Virgin in the city centre. Although Dr Cooper-Davis was at first sceptical that new pilgrimage routes could simply be "created", she was pleasantly surprised at how much she learned along the way. Details of the route can be found on the British Pilgrimage Trust website. Her own reflections on the experience of creating a pilgrimage will be published on Dr Cooper-Davis's blog.

Dr Cooper-Davis is a Departmental lecturer in French, and specialist in the medieval period. She teaches the medieval papers for the French sub-faculty, including Paper IX, and the "late" topics from Paper VI.