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May May
2018 2018

Chaplain's Chat with Canon Brian Mountford and Professor William Wood


You are very warmly invited to the Chaplain's Chat on 18 May at 5.30pm in the SCR with Professor William Wood, who is the Tutor in Theology at Oriel College.

What is theology? Has it become irrelevant in an age of unbelief? Is there a difference between belief and faith? How do you explain the massive gap between academic theology and the religious thoughts of ordinary people? Do you have to believe in God to study theology? What is the ontological argument? What about about Heaven and Hell, Redemption, and Justification by Faith alone? And what on earth is Nestorianism?

Professor Wood is a very popular tutor, known for making theology so accessible and approaching it with a very good humour.

Admission is free but please book tickets.