Building the Future

Construction Updates for College Members

Take a look at some more photos showing our progress.

  • St Hilda's Pavilion and Anniversary Building officially opened on 25 September 2021.
  • Our new College entrance opened in January 2021. The temporary Lodges and Middle Common Room have been removed from St Hilda's site. 
  • Our 52 new student bedrooms are now complete and the first student residents moved into them in Michaelmas Term 2020. Throughout the summer of 2020, Beard Construction's staff members worked where possible on our site and have followed government guidance when doing so.
  • Our Topping Out ceremony, held in the Kirby Observation Room at the top of the new tower, marked an important milestone in our building project. We reached the point that will be the highest accessible level of St Hilda's new building. Those who have worked with us to bring the project from concept to reality joined us at the ceremony on 12 November to admire the views from what will be our roof-terrace garden by Autumn 2020.
  • Work on the tower reached its full height in August 2019.
  • Views over Oxford's skyline can be seen from the level of our Anniversary Building's rooftop garden.
  • Construction of our new tower began in July 2019.
  • The new buildings' walls and columns were being poured in May and June 2019.
  • Foundations for the new buildings were laid throughout March and April.
  • As further piles were exposed and cut down, integrity testing (strength) was conducted and passed successfully.
  • Foundation piling, laying permanent sheet piling to hold the site’s foundations and the river bank in place, began in January 2019. The Pavilion piling was finished the following month, when the piling rig left the site. 
  • Demolition of Milham Ford and the old Porter's Lodge was completed in Michaelmas Term 2018. Work on the river wall then began.
  • The Middle Common Room was installed on the lawn of Garden Building. An interim chapel space was created in South Building.
  • Archaeological excavations and recording took place under the guidance of the County Archaeologist in late 2018. Oxford Archaeology undertook an archaeological strip, map and sample at St Hilda’s. Two late 17th century and 18th century ditches were revealed. They are likely to have marked the eastern boundary of a farmstead that was first depicted on David Loggan’s map of 1675. The ditches were superseded by a stone wall that probably formed the boundary for the garden of Cowley House, which occupied our site from the late 18th century. Several pits dating to the later 18th century and 19th century, which are presumed to have been associated with this garden, were also revealed. Two stone-lined pits and a stone-lined drain of 19th century were also recorded. They were probably associated with buildings that occupied the southern end of the garden later.
  • The main entrance to St Hilda's - for access to South Building, the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building and our accommodation buildings, Garden, Christina Barratt, and Wolfson, is via the flagpole gates at the end of Cowley Place. Our Lodge Team welcomes all visitors to the College site in our Main Lodge on South Lawn.
  • It is no longer possible to walk across the site between South Building and Hall Building. Access to Hall Building is via Hall Lodge in Cowley Place. It is advisable to carry Bod Cards at all times if entering or exiting Hall Building.
  • Cycle parking around Hall and behind Hall Lodge (old SCR bike racks) is available for those entering Hall. Please do not attach cycles to the railings outside the Porter’s Lodge; the railings by Hall Building’s external ramp; or to the contractors’ fencing. Please take care that your parked cycle is securely locked and does not block any paths.


New Boundary Building at St Hilda's College, University of OxfordThe beginnings of St Hilda's new entrance and tower.The beginnings of St Hilda's new entrance and tower.The beginnings of St Hilda's new entrance and tower.View from St Hilda's Boundary Building roof garden from Autumn 2020