Bettany Hughes - Ancient and Modern History, 1985

Bettany Hughes is an historian, author and broadcaster who has written and presented documentaries including When The Moors Ruled Europe, The Spartans, and Athens: The Truth About Democracy for Channel 4. She also lectures widely and in 2005 her book on Helen of Troy was regarded as the first serious and wide-ranging book ever to have been written about Helen. It was received with great acclaim. Her most recent book The Hemlock Cup, published in 2010, is a biographical account of Socrates. It was a New York Times Bestseller, and was a Book of the Year in all the nationals.

Bettany sits on the Innovation Committee of NESTA and she is an advisor to the Foundation for Science Technology and Civilisation. In recognition of her contribution to research, Bettany has been awarded a Research Fellowship at King's London.

Image credit:  Bettany Hughes (Historian) with lekythos, decorated with a winged Nike, c. 500 BC, photograph by Theo Chalmers 2008.