The Academic Office

Please contact the Academic Office for academic matters including University Card (Bodcard) replacements, Awards and Prizes, Degree Ceremonies, Transcripts, Diploma Supplements, Examinations (entries, alternative arrangements, results), and official letters.

Contact us by email or in South 27, South Building. 
Open weekdays: 9.00am-11.00am, 11.30am-12.30pm, 2.00pm-4.30pm

Dr Sarah Norman, Senior Tutor and Tutor for Admissions

Dr Sarah Norman's role is to oversee all aspects of academic provision and support in the college, as well as student academic progress and discipline. You can contact her to discuss any issue of concern to you.

Rebekah Unwin, Academic Registrar 

The Academic Registrar manages the Academic Office which deals with admissions, matriculation, entering students for examinations, student records, and graduation. She is the person to consult if you need to discuss adjustment to standard exam arrangements, are considering suspending study, or if you have a question about anything related to academic administration. 

Chris Cowley, Tutorial Officer

The Tutorial Officer deals with administration for students, starting with registration. She administers student visas and ensures that both staff and students comply with current Right to Work legislation. She also oversees exam entries and arranges Collections. Chris maintains student files, in particular academic reports for both graduate and undergraduate students.

Maoliosa Kelly, Academic Assistant

The Academic Assistant arranges degree ceremonies, maintains relevant sections of the College website, and is the administrator for College research funding and events.

Outreach Officer

The Outreach Officer manages the College’s outreach activity including visits to schools, and hosting visits from schools and University Open days. The Outreach Officer works in partnership with schools, primarily in the College's target region of Surrey, to support the development of academic programmes that may lead to a rise in the attainment associated with successful application to selective universities.



Dr Sarah Norman, Senior Tutor and Tutor for Admissions