About Corinne - Schools and Recruitment Programme Officer

Corinne Tomsett is our Schools and Recruitment Programme Officer. Prior to taking up her role at St Hilda’s College, Corinne was an undergraduate student at the University of Oxford, where she read History. Having applied from a state secondary school, Corinne was actively involved in access and outreach during her time at the University and she has developed a keen interest in widening participation in higher education. Corinne is developing a diverse and flexible programme of events and is committed to working in schools and with young people who are currently under-represented at the University of Oxford.

Although St Hilda's College is linked with schools in the region of Surrey, if you are a teacher or student outside this region and would like to find out more about the University of Oxford and St Hilda’s, please contact Corinne directly. Additionally please contact Corinne if you have any further questions about our Schools Programme, if you wish to book an event or visit, or if you would like to invite her to talk with students at your school.




Corinne Tomsett, Schools and Recruitment Programme Officer