St Hilda's College Building the Future Campaign Update

Building the Future: Campaign Update Autumn 2018

A new era for St Hilda’s begins with Phase I of our transformative building programme, now underway. Over the next two years we will create the facilities and support to ensure our students flourish and our Fellows can share their world-leading teaching and research globally.

I thought it timely to share the latest information on our progress with our 125th Anniversary Campaign and invite our alumnae and friends to help to shape the future of the College and contribute to our vision.

In March 2018 our Phase I buildings were given planning consent, and we were pleased with the positive views received during a wide public consultation, including Historic England who commented: “…an elegant and attractive set of buildings which is well adapted to its context.”

Phase I will see a complete transformation of the entrance to the College providing two new, carefully designed buildings appropriate to our lovely riverside setting, and a distinctive tower to signal our place in Oxford. With 52 student rooms, along with tutors’ rooms, seminar spaces and social space, the new boundary building will also offer the best views of the Oxford skyline in all seasons. A suite of guest and meeting rooms will provide attractive facilities for College hospitality and meetings. Our riverside pavilion will be a calm and restful meeting place in College for both academic and social activities.

Phase II, which is in the early stages of development, will provide the balance of the 125 student rooms we seek, so that all our undergraduates will be able to have a College room throughout their time at St Hilda’s. The building will also support the highest levels of interdisciplinary collaboration across the humanities and sciences, with seminar, workshop and lecture facilities. Its location next to the Jacqueline du Pré Music Building allows us to explore a wider vision to develop and share the College’s exceptional work in the performing arts and to forge new academic links.

The estimated cost of all the new buildings is at least £35 million. The College has taken out a bond, on very good terms, of £20 million to start construction as soon as possible. Our philanthropic target is to raise the balance, with a minimum of £15 million required by 2021 to ensure we can complete Phase I to the best specifications, then move on to Phase II without delay.

Momentum is building and, at the time of writing in the autumn of 2018, we are pleased to be over halfway towards our fundraising goal. With heartfelt thanks to our supporters and Campaign Board members, we have received over £8 million in donations. There will not be a better time to join in and offer your support – every gift brings us closer to securing the future for our students and Fellows.

As you will see on pages 3 to 6 of this brochure, increasing numbers of Senior Members are taking the opportunity to name rooms and spaces to commemorate important people in their lives. There are many options for naming that are still available, including naming of new features to be developed within our gardens – as shown on pages 7 and 8. While our buildings are the most urgent priority, we must also continue to support our access programme, along with bursaries and scholarships, teaching and research, for which naming opportunities are also available.

We welcome your support and would be proud to recognise your contribution within the very fabric of the College, in the largest building programme St Hilda’s has ever undertaken.

Sir Gordon Duff, Principal

Professor Sir Gordon Duff, Principal, St Hilda's College