Telethon 2018

St Hilda's Telethon 2019

The 2019 Telethon will take place from 11 to 26 March, with our 13 fantastic student callers getting in touch with Senior Members to give them updates on College news and events, to find out about their life after University, and to seek support for the College's exciting projects.

The St Hilda's telethon has taken place nearly every year since 2008. As well as being a great way of catching up with our Senior Members, it has become an important fundraising event. Our students will be asking, on behalf of the College, for regular donations towards the 125th Anniversary Fund, the 125th Bursaries, Access and Scholarships Fund, and the 125th Teaching and Research Fund, all of which will make a huge difference to our current and future students.

In our last telethon the donations we received supported several priority projects in College, including enhancing our successful access programme, providing student hardship grants and bursaries, protecting the tutorial system, and maintaining and improving College buildings and facilities.

Chaira Sanchez
Chiara Sanchez
1st year English

"Alumnae should give to St Hilda’s to ensure that more voices are heard and that more people are able to achieve their academic potential."

Kamran Sharifi
Kamran Sharifi
1st year PPL

"This is an opportunity to give back, and to buy into the College’s commitment to excellence and equality, providing funds to further our already excellent academic attainment and research."

Florence Walker
Florence Walker
2nd year English

"The percentage of state school students at St Hilda’s is higher than the University average, which is wonderful, but I would like to help St Hilda’s become an even better College for access."