Academic Transcripts

At the end of their studies, all students will automatically receive from the University one copy of their official academic transcript, sent to the postal address given on Student Self-Service. Additional copies of academic transcripts are available from the University website at a charge of £12 per transcript.

Past Students

The Academic Office is happy to provide transcripts for students whose course began before Michaelmas Term 2007.

The preparation of transcripts is complex and can take time so please allow at least 5 working days for your transcript to be prepared.

Please contact the Academic Office to request a transcript.

Diploma Supplement

If you are applying for a course in a European university, you may be asked for a Diploma Supplement. This document consists of an Academic Transcript, a statement quantifying your course in terms of ECTS credits, plus additional information describing the higher education system. If you have matriculated after 2007 and have completed an undergraduate or Masters course, you can order a Diploma Supplement through the University online shop. Further details are available on the University website.

European Credit Transfer Scheme (ECTS)

If you are applying to study for a further degree at another university, you may be asked for a document stating how many credits your degree is worth. There are two credit systems: that used by UK universities; and the ECTS used by a number of other European countries. We take each year of full-time undergraduate study to equal 120 UK credits and 180 UK credits for postgraduate study according to the Higher Education Credit Framework for England. In relation to the ECTS, this is equivalent to 60 credits for undergraduate study and 60-90 credits for postgraduate study. The University's courses are not taught on a modular basis so the University does not apply credit weightings to the individual components of your course. Further details are available on the University website.