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Student Life - IT Facilities

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St. Hilda's boasts three well-equipped computer rooms - one is for the JCR, one for the MCR and one for both. The standard computer is a Windows XP Core2 Duo (3.0 GHz) with 4Gb RAM. All computers are equipped with the standard CD/DVD drives; some have soundcards.  Each computer room has its own laser printer and each student has a free printing allowance. The electronic resources room in the library also has a scanner and a colour printer.

All computers provide access to the internet and to the college's own file server and all students are provided with accounts on the college file server and email accounts. The college file server provides access to commonly used software.

All student rooms are connected to the internet and wifi access is available everywhere on our main site. The College also provides staff support to ensure that students are able to make the best use of these facilities.  Please email with any computing related queries.