Dame Fiona Caldicott DBE - Physiology, 1960

Psychiatrist, psychotherapist, and former Principal of Somerville College, Dame Caldicott was the first female President of the Royal College of Psychiatrists and is a non-executive director of the John Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust. She also chaired the ‘Caldicott Committee’ commissioned to investigate the way patient information is used in the NHS. She was appointed Chairman of the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals in 2009.

Reflections on my time at St Hilda’s

I have valued my time studying medicine at St Hilda's College throughout my working life. The quality of an Oxford education goes without saying. The experience of living in a college community and making life-long friends who were reading a wide range of subjects, as well as medicine, has been a cornerstone of both my personal and professional progress. That early experience has informed my understanding of and motivation in my role as Head of Somerville College and as Pro-Vice-Chancellor for Personnel and Equality in the University of Oxford.