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Variation and contact in the Ancient Indo-European languages


On 17-18 May 2018 St Hilda's College and Ertegun House co-hosted a  colloquium on linguistic variation and contact in the Indo-European languages, organised by St Hilda's DPhil student, Michele Bianconi. This joint project with the University of Pisa (Italy), consisted of two parallel conferences with an exchange of faculty members between Pisa and Oxford. The interdisciplinary colloquium featured eleven invited world-renowned specialists and thirteen speakers selected through a Call for Papers, from European and American universities and research institutions (Oxford, Pisa, Bologna, Cambridge, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Leiden, Madrid 'Complutense', Napoli 'L'Orientale', Princeton, University College London, Siena 'Stranieri', SOAS, Verona, Alan Turing Institute).

The goal of the conference was to bring together linguists and philologists at any stage of their career to encourage an interdiscipinary dialogue and to provide a special forum for researchers from a range of perspectives and methods to come together to discuss their research and develop new directions and collaborations. Problems and methods of the study of language contact and variation were discussed, with a focus on the following fields and sub-fields: language contact; language variation and change; Indo-European reconstruction; dialectology; sociolinguistics; linguistic identity. The conference attracted around 80 registered participants and this high turnout represented a great success for the institutions that believed in this project : the Ertegun Programme; St Hilda's College; and the Oxford University Faculty of Linguistics, Philology and Phonetics, and testified to the vitality of the disciplines involved.

For further information about the conference, speakers, etc please go to https://www.ertegun.ox.ac.uk/event/variation-and-contact-ancient-indo-european-languages