24 24
May May
2018 2018

Summer London Drinks. 'The Body Electric': Lecture by Professor Daniel Bulte

19:00 to 21:00

Wellcome Collection, London

For anyone who has wondered at the various machines and gizmos in use in the modern hospital this event is for you.

Physicist and MRI expert Dr Daniel Bulte leaves his Oxford lab for the famously eclectic style of the Wellcome Collection in London to share with us the remarkable, always entertaining, often bizarre, story of science and history behind technology in modern medicine.

Over the last century, advances in technology have led to astounding medical advancements and we are all now living longer, healthier lives thanks to some incredible medical machines. By taking a subject such as 'Modern Mesmerism: The story of magnetic fields in the brain' Dr Bulte explores the breakthroughs that dispelled common myths and led to modern invention and reveals what we can expect from the future of medical engineering.

Join us for drinks and canapés and to explore this extraordinary venue in the company of an expert. University and school students warmly welcome.

Dr Bulte's enthusiasm for science, history and engineering has already led to the production of the hugely successful online series 'Professor Bulte’s Incredible Medical Machines'


Alumnae: £36

Guests: £36

Alumnae concessions: £34

Students: £15

Booking deadline: 17/05/18

Online booking is available. When booking, the opportunity is available to make an additional voluntary donation to the 125th Anniversary Fund. Please note we are unable to issue refunds after the booking deadline has passed.