St Hilda's student, Aaron Hammond-Duncan, is one of the Edition365 Winners

12th November 2021
Tom and Genna by Aaron Hammond Duncan

Edition365: a portrait of the year that changed everything is a vast and immersive digital exhibition from 1854 and British Journal of Photography in collaboration with New Art City. All of the work was created between 11 March 2020, when the World Health Organisation officially announced a global pandemic, and 10 March 2021: 365 days, captured in 365 artworks, by a vast and dynamic array of creators from around the world.

One of the winning images is by Aaron Hammond-Duncan (English, 2019). Aaron describes the photo and his experience of creating it below:

'Tom and Genna live in Fleet, a small town in the South East of England. Having met each other at college but moving to different universities, both had different experiences of isolation. Returning to Fleet during the second national lockdown, as universities began to close, they started to date. With this portrait, I wanted to celebrate the strength of our nation during the past year. For me, Tom and Genna represent the endurance of intimacy and connection to the exterior world that the isolation of the past year has attempted to cut off.

The national lockdowns gave me the time and space to reflect on my work and alter my photographic practice. Initially, I designed and self-published my first retrospective monograph of work from the past seven years of practicing photography. As lockdown progressed, I began to work with longer preparation times and more painstaking processes to capture images. This resulted in a growing, deeply personal body of work that will form the basis for my second book.'

Many congratulations to Aaron and all photographers whose work is included in this photography collection, which was conceived to stand as a historical reference for decades to come. Find out more about Edition365.