St Hilda's New Buildings are Officially Open

26th September 2021
Four former Principals open St Hilda's College Anniversary Building and Pavilion on behalf of Lord and Lady Patten

St Hilda's Anniversary Building and Pavilion were officially opened on 25 September 2021 by four former Principals of the College. The opening ceremony is available to watch here.

The building programme that has transformed our College site began in 2018 and officially ended with the opening of the two new buildings. Lord Mayor of Oxford, Councillor Mark Lygo, Jay Gort, Fiona Scott and colleagues from Gort Scott architects, Mark Beard and colleagues from Beard, and many members, friends and supporters of St Hilda's joined us to celebrate.

Acting Principal, Dr Georgina Paul, welcomed our guests. She went on to congratulate all those who had been involved in the project, from the early stages when Gort Scott's entry in the design competition run by Malcolm Reading Consultants and their vision for St Hilda's impressed and inspired the College's Governing Body. Dr Paul thanked those who inputted into the plans, including Oxford Preservation Trust and Oxford City Council's planning department; and Beard construction and all the contractors who worked with them on the buildings that we see today. It is particularly impressive this happened on schedule and within budget, due to Beard working safely on site during the global pandemic. Finally, Dr Paul thanked all College members who worked and studied here during the building work. Particular thanks went to Sir Gordon Duff, College Principal at the beginning and end of the project; Neil Hyatt, Head of Buildings and Projects at St Hilda's, and Horticultural Consultant, Walter Sawyer, who has worked with Neil and the Gardens team to transform the grounds and embed the new buildings into them.

In the absence of our honoured guests, Rt Hon the Lord Patten of Barnes and our alumna, Lady Patten, the buildings were officially opened by four former Principals of St Hilda's: Elizabeth Llewellyn-Smith (1990 - 2001); Lady English (2001 - 2007); Sheila Forbes (2007 - 2014) and Sir Gordon Duff (2014 - 2021). During their combined 30 years as Head of House, St Hilda's has evolved through its buildings.

Gort Scott's original concept of a College with a Pavilion on the river at its heart and a further building, the 'third sister' to Hall and South Buildings, has been realised. Thank you and congratulations to everyone who made this happen!

St Hilda's New Buildings are Officially Open with Mark Beard, Fiona Scott, Jay Gort and Dr Georgina PaulSt Hilda's New Buildings are Officially Open St Hilda's New Buildings are Officially Open Sir Gordon Duff cuts the ribbon to officially open St Hilda's new buildingsSt Hilda's Pavilion and Anniversary Building are officially open with Sir Gordon Duff, Lord Mayor of Oxford, Mark Lygo, and Dr Georgina PaulSt Hilda's New Buildings are Officially Open with Mark Beard and Sir Gordon Duff