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St Hilda's Feminist Salon: “Women in Oxford” in partnership with Herstory.


The St Hilda’s Feminist Salon is a space to bridge the gap between feminist theory and practice, and to discuss the complexities of feminism today. For each salon a guest is invited to act as host.  A range of exciting speakers are invited, from the cutting edge of feminist theory, art and activism.  Each salon is different.


The theme of this Feminist Salon is "Women in Oxford", which will be held in partnership with Herstory, a new cultural movement created to tell the life stories of historical,  mythological AND contemporary women.Speakers include Prof Patricia Daley, Rene Sharanya Verma, Dr Liz Woolley, and "Women in Oxford’s History" podcasters.

Salons are open to anyone and are held in the Senior Common Room, St Hilda’s College.  The room is wheelchair accessible. The salon will be available on the internet and people outside Oxford can participate by sending in questions via twitter or facebook.

Please book tickets at Eventbrite.