RAWAA: A new ballet in the making

14th November 2017
Rawaa by DANSOX



We have been watching the process of creating a new ballet in an interdisciplinary workshop with writer Marina Warner, choreographer Kim Brandstrup, pianist and composer Joanna MacGregor, and professional dancers.

Rawaa comes from Arabic - the root for words meaning 'to water' and 'to relate' and provides the dominant metaphorical motif of the ballet's mood and movement. Affinities emerge between poetic metre, musical pulse, and water management (water wheels, aqueducts) in Arab culture. The ballet will offer a counterpoise to the orientalism of Scheherazade, exploring the inner lives and drives of legendary women performers from the Middle East who have attained mythic status.

The public showing of the ballet workshop will be on Tuesday 14 November at 5.30pm.