Jasmine Cameron-Chileshe

What’s the best thing about St Hilda’s? How down to earth and friendly everyone (students and staff) is.

Where is your favourite place in College any why? The lawn behind Hall building - it is great that we can walk on the grass and it evokes wonderful memories of the St Hilda’s ball (the drinks reception is always on the lawn), as well as being a lovely place for a Library break.

If you could raise money for one thing to help students what would it be? Student welfare - I was the Welfare Officer in 2015/16 and a Peer Supporter. Within my role I greatly enjoyed serving the College, helping others and seeing first-hand how much it improves the quality of life for students. Increased funding could help sustain events such as the Welfare Tea.

Why do you think people should support St Hilda’s? St Hilda’s is a thriving College that seeks to attract more students from all walks of life. Improvements to College life and the structure of the College will improve access.

What did you most enjoy about your last Telethon? Hearing the stories of those who attended the College when it was single sex.

Jasmine Cameron-Chileshe