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Isa Cooper

What’s the best thing about St Hilda’s? Its openness, architecturally and socially. There is no sense of claustrophobia and it is an incredibly inclusive community. Oh, and of course its proximity to Cowley which offers a welcome change from the city centre).

Where is your favourite place in College and why? The benches which overlook the river and cricket ground. It is the perfect place to enjoy dinner and watch the sunset.

If you could raise money for one thing to help students what would it be? Sports grants - they're currently insufficient to finance annual University sports subs or the compulsory stash, so we have no money left for the Wednesday sport socials!

How have you benefited from the tutorial system? The tutorial system offers an alternative source of knowledge from books and lectures which is refreshing after a week in the Library. I learn best through conversation as it forces me to clarify and refine my ideas and thoughts. I’m the kind of person who thinks as I speak, so the more I speak, the more I think!

Isa Cooper