Information for Teachers

All Oxford colleges have signed up to a Common Framework on Admissions which means the same application process and criteria for each course at every college. 

To help provide students with the right kind of support, we encourage teachers to sign up to our comprehensive e-guide, which helpfully includes information about all aspects of the application and how you can support your students through each stage.

Application Support and Information - timeline

UCAS application deadline is 15 October, if not before. Most tests must be registered for by 15 October. Any sample written work must also be submitted by then. Interviews take place in December and offer decisions are made in January. More information about application information can be found on the University of Oxford website.

Because the University recognises the key role that teachers and careers advisers play in encouraging students to consider their options and make informed decisions, we also run regional teacher conferences. At these conferences, we welcome the chance to talk with teachers and advisers about supporting your students through all aspects of considering, and applying to, Oxford. Sign up for for the next conference. St Hilda’s College Schools Programme Officer, Hannah Rolley, also attends these conferences so this is a good opportunity to meet her and ask any questions about any aspect of the schools programme and any support the college can offer schools.

We also really encourage teachers to sign up to the eNewsletter to keep up to date with school events and other developments across the university and departments.

Additionally, there are many outreach events, department open days, individual college study days, essay competitions, teacher study events about which you can find out more about via the teacher eNewsletter. Alternatively, you may wish to sign up to regular emails from our Schools Programme Officer, Hannah Rolley, who will happily signpost these opportunities to you as they become available to your students and teachers. Contact Hannah.