'Gambia Studies' by Dr Florence Mahoney

Our alumna Dr Florence Mahoney (nee Asi Peters) was born in Bathurst (Banjul), The Gambia, the daughter of Sierra Leoneon parents. She was educated in The Gambia and then in Derbyshire, England. In 1951, she received her first degree, BA (Hons) in History from Westfield College, University of London, and the Diploma of Education at the Department of Education and St Hilda's College a year later. In 1963, she was awarded a PhD in History from the School Oriental African Studies, University of London.

Dr Mahoney became the first Gambian woman to earn a PhD, and one of the first African women to earn such an advanced degree in History. She has had an extensive teaching career. Dr Mahoney taught History at Gambia High School for a number of years. From 1972-73, she was Fulbright Professor of African History at Spelman College, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Dr Mahoney's published books include Stories of Senegambia (1982), The Liberated Slaves and the return to Africa (2001), Creole Saga: The Gambia's Liberated African Community in the Nineteenth Century (2007) and 'Gambian Studies' (2008), a collection of essays on some salient aspects of 19th century Gambian history, which we are proud to count as one of the treasures of our library.

Gambia Studies by Dr Florence Mahoney