Dr Mary Board

MA, DPhil (Oxon)


Lecturer and Director of Studies in Biochemistry

Dr Mary Board read biochemistry at Balliol College and received a doctorate on the subject of energy metabolism in tumour cells. She has taught widely and has current affiliation with the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists (as an invited lecturer) as well as with St Hilda's College (as lecturer and director of studies in biochemistry), Pembroke and Brasenose colleges (as a lecturer in medicine).

Research Interests

Dr Board’s research interests centre around control of metabolic pathways. She has pursued a research career in the area of metabolic control in diabetes, obesity and cancer and is currently extending these studies to the area of stem cells. Current projects centre around the control of fuel metabolism in tumour cells and in stem cells in both their pre-differentiated and differentiating states.


"Functional Biochemistry in Health and Disease", Newsholme and Leech (edited by Board (John Wiley), 2010.

"Carbohydrate, Fat and Protein Metabolism" in "Membership of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, A Revision Guide" (RCOG Publications, London), 2010.

Numerous papers in Scientific Journals, including: Board, Colquhoun and Newsholme "High Km glucose-phosphorylating (glucokinase) activities in a range of tumour cell-lines and inhibition of rates of tumor growth by the specific enzyme inhibitor, mannoheptulose" Cancer Research, 1995, vol. 55 (15), pages 3278-3285. This describes the action of a patented tumour inhibitor.