Dr Margaret Kean is one of BBC Radio 4's guides to the underworld in its new series, 'Dante 2021'

12th January 2021

'Dante 2021' is a major new series on Dante's Divine Comedy in the 21st century from BBC Radio 4. In episode 1, 'Inferno', Dr Margaret Kean, our Tutorial Fellow in English, guides us and presenter, Katya Adler, to the first region of the afterlife. Michael Sheen is Dante.

700 years after the death of Dante Alighieri, the BBC’s Europe Editor, Katya Adler presents this major new series in which Dante's 14th-century masterpiece reveals its 21st-century meanings over three episodes. Each guide of three guides, starting with Dr Kean, proposes seven reasons why Dante (a great lover of numerology as well as a great poet) is such a powerful contemporary read - adding up to 21 reasons in the 21st year of the 21st century. Find out more and listen to episode 1.