Dr Daniel Bos



Daniel is a Political and Cultural Geographer with interests into the ways understandings of geopolitics and militarism are expressed and encountered in everyday life.


Currently Daniel's research investigates three interconnected areas:

i. Visual Culture and Geopolitics

Daniel is interested in the ways popular culture shapes understandings of world politics and militarism. He has specifically drawn attention to how military-themed videogames articulate popular geopolitical sensibilities through their visual representations and playful structures. Currently, he is exploring the ways games are designed and used to challenge hegemonic (geo)political sensibilities and he is interested in the pedagogical significance and potential of the medium.

ii Audiences

Daniel's research acknowledges the need to go beyond the analysis of the content of military-themed videogames and to consider how individuals and groups acrtually consume, interact and internalise their (geo)political content. Daniel engages with innovative methodological approaches, such as video ethnography, in order to consider the affective, experiential, and embodied significance of playing virtual war and to ground understandings into the ways geopolitics is constituted in everyday life.

iii Production and Marketing

This area of research explores the political economic structures and the everyday practices involved in the production of popular geopolitical texts. Daniel draws attention to the role that advertising, marketing, and promotional events have in attributing geopolitical and militarised meanings to cultural artefacts prior to their release.


For current publications please visit: http//www.geog.ox.ac.uk/staff/dbos.html