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'Do we really know everything about love?' A Middle Common Room Debate

17:30 to 19:30

Love makes the world go round. We live in a society that constantly talks about romantic love; about the importance of finding our one true love and of being loved in return. Love has served as inspiration for endless sonnets and poetry, displaying both the joy and misery felt by those who experience it. Today, it seems as though we have solved the mystery of love as emerging technologies reduce its complexities and idiosyncrasies to predictable algorithms. But what do we really know about love?

What exactly is love? How do we love? What is the best way of loving? How many different types of love are there? Does love at first sight exist? Can we control love? Is love socially conditioned? How did people in the past think about love? Is love subject to evolution?

Join us as we debate these and more questions with leading experts in the study of love. Our interdisciplinary panel will include speakers from the fields of neuroscience, evolutionary anthropology, history, theology, and philosophy.

Free to attend but please book tickets.