Building site Jan 2020

Building the Future: the 125th Anniversary Campaign

The building programme for Phase I is in its final year, with the drone image now showing remarkable progress over the winter months and the start of Hilary Term 2020.  The boundary building and pavilion have been swathed in wrap for some time, but it is possible to see the tower has now reached its final height and the pavilion has its roof and walls. Inside the progress is evident, the student rooms and guest rooms have their en-suite bathrooms, the MCR is taking shape. The roof terrace garden and the rooms on top of the building show breathtaking views of the Oxford skyline and the river meadows. St Hilda’s is visible from many vantage points around Oxford.

Follow our progress with the time-lapse footage here. Alumnae are always welcome to come back to St Hilda’s, and the Development & Alumnae team will be happy to show you the latest developments in person.

None of these exciting improvements to the College would have been possible without the support of so many generous alumnae and friends. While over £15 million has been raised to date, further funding is still needed to enable us to provide the accommodation, facilities and support that our students and wider College community deserve. All gifts make a difference, so donate now to be a part of the College’s most ambitious project in its history.

There are many ways in which you can be a part of the 125th Anniversary Campaign. Our key areas for which we are seeking funds are:


While we continue to hold our own academically, St Hilda’s is far behind most other colleges in terms of the accommodation we can offer to our students. With rent prices increasing significantly every single year, it is ever more crucial that we are able to offer our students College accommodation for the entire duration of their course. Teaching and social spaces are a crucial part of College life too, and the new facilities will help us to attract the most talented graduate students and researchers from around the world. Learn more here.

Bursaries and Scholarships

St Hilda’s already outperforms many other colleges in attracting students from schools and areas that rarely send young people to university. However, it is equally important that students from financially disadvantaged backgrounds are supported once they start their degree courses, and so a wide and generous range of bursaries and scholarships is crucial. Learn more here.

Teaching and Research

St Hilda’s prides itself on the high quality of teaching and research carried out by our academics. Our Fellows range from academics who have built up world-leading expertise in their fields over several decades to Junior Research Fellows exploring groundbreaking topics in new ways. This combination of established wisdom and fresh ideas is passed on to our students, and it is vital that we continue to attract the best academics by offering worthwhile posts and appropriate facilities. Learn more here.

Access and Outreach

Despite our success in reaching applicants from non-traditional Oxbridge backgrounds, there is always more we can do to encourage the very best students to apply, regardless of socioeconomic background. We are trialling new ways of reaching more students, including an alumnae ambassador scheme, as well as continuing to work directly with schools in our target area. Learn more here.

Professor Sir Gordon Duff, Principal