Admissions Process

How to apply

To make an application to Oxford, all students must submit a UCAS application by the 15 October deadline.

Please visit the applying to Oxford web page on the University website for further details.

Pre-interview tests

Candidates must check to see if there is a written test for their subject, and ensure that they have registered, where required.

The subject tests web page on the University website lists any subjects that require you to sit a test.

Written work

Some subjects require written work to be sent to the College. This should be submitted with a cover sheet by the 10 November deadline to the college considering your application.

The written work requirements web page on the University website lists any subjects where written work is required as part of the application process.


If you are invited for interview, you will come to Oxford for a few days in early December and stay in the College. Shortlisted candidates are likely to have at least two interviews. One or more interviews may also be conducted at another college.

Heavy training in interview techniques is unlikely to give you an edge over other candidates, and there are no golden rules to observe during the interviews themselves.

Tutors are practised at listening sympathetically and putting you at your ease. In the interviews, tutors will be trying to bring out your merits, not trip you up. They are, above all, looking for potential.

Please note that all colleges follow the same admissions process. The following websites offer further information and guidance: