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Abi Willett

What’s the best thing about St Hilda’s? The friendly, inclusive atmosphere and our excellent pastoral support.

Where is your favourite place in College and why? Either the gym or on the benches overlooking the river! Having a gym this year has made fitting in rugby training much easier (as well as revision break de-stress gym sessions). St Hilda’s is in such a beautiful location on the river and I like watching the ducks in summertime.

If you could raise money for one thing to help students what would it be? A Blues Fund - University sport can be prohibitively expensive and I think it is important that as a College we should do our upmost to support our sportspeople to the highest level. It would also be great to have a new boat for the rowers so we can continue to rise up the ranks in VIIIs and Torpids.

What are you looking forward to in the Telethon? Chatting to alumnae who have gone on to do different (and interesting) things!

What did you most enjoy about your last Telethon? Speaking to Hilda’s alumnae who have gone on to do fantastic things - I especially enjoyed making conversation with alumnae who have gone on to a career in Law.

Abi Willett