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2018 London Autumn Drinks

18:30 to 21:00
The Damerian Apollo - William Holland

University Women's Club

This year we will be returning to the warm and welcoming University Women's Club, where, following a drinks reception, we will be both educated and amused by Dr Danielle Thom (History, 2003). Dr Thom is an art historian, occasional broadcaster, and curator at the Museum of London. 

Smooth Busts and Conspicuous Erections: the seduction of sculpture in 18th century Britain

'A naked male figure is a disgrace to public modesty!’ So thundered The Times in 1788, when the Royal Academy held an exhibition which included nude sculpture. Apparently ‘there was not so much as a fig leaf’.

While wealthy collectors, critics and artists celebrated the nude human form as the highest expression of art, satirical printmakers and moralists alike regarded it as a source of titillation and sexual scandal. Why did neoclassical sculpture provoke such outraged reactions in 18th century Britain?

We have no doubt that Dr Thom's witty exposé of this somewhat less polite side of the 18th Century will provide plenty of conversation to go with our drinks and canapés following the talk. 

6.30pm: Registration & Drinks Reception in the Drawing Room
7.00pm: Illustrated talk in the Library
8.00-9.00pm: Drinks and Canapés in the Drawing Room

Alumnae: £29.50
Guests: £29.50
Concessions: £26

Booking deadline: 05/11/18

Please note we are unable to issue refunds after the booking deadline has passed.


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