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Data Protection Law is changing.

St Hilda’s College will need your explicit permission to stay in touch. In the future, we will only be able to invite you to our events, seek support for the College, and inform you of our achievements if you have formally consented to being contacted.

The new law is called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and it is expected to come into effect on 25 May 2018. It is a wide-ranging law, which will govern how organisations use the personal data of individuals. Although it will be some time before the GDPR comes into effect, we would like to gather permission from our Alumnae and Friends as soon as possible, to ensure that there is no interruption to our relationship with them when the law changes. Further information about the GDPR can be found on the Information Commissioner’s Office website, which you can access here. You can view the College's Data Protection statement here.

If you wish to continue receiving communications from us, please give us permission by ticking the boxes below. Click here instead if you need to update your contact details.

Please note that if one of the boxes is left unticked, we will not be able to contact you in that way when the Law changes.